Friday, September 24, 2010

I wiiin, I wiiiiin!

I had my first party tonight, and it went well! I am really enjoying being a Scentsy Consultant so far. On Saturday I will be at the Fall Party Palooza that a friend/Tastefully Simple Consultant is throwing down the street from me, I can't wait!
Oh and guess what else, I won tickets to a Comedy Show at the Centennial on Saturday. The Bliss MWR website was doing giveaways and their question was "what is the Bliss MWRs web address." I happened to be on their page just as they posted and knew the answer (lots of good info on that site) so I submitted it. I was the first person to do so and I won! Yahooo! I almost NEVER win anything haha!
Alrighty, well I'm off to bed. I got to talk to the hubs tonight too, so it was a good day :)

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