Friday, February 5, 2010

Macie's First Tooth

Did I post about Macie's tooth yet?!
Oh how our lives have changed. I didn't think I would ever get so excited about a tooth! Macie's first tooth appeared on Saturday morning, Jan. 30! We had attended a Hail and Farewell the night before at a local restaurant and she had been unusually fussy, and the next morning we figured out why! I had been to the pediatrician the Tuesday before, and asked her to see if Macie was teething because I had a feeling she was. I was told NOPE! No teeth yet!
Well, guess who was right? Mommy! (yesssss!)

I think the tooth right next to the one that has already cut will be showing up anyday now. So far Macie doesn't seem too affected or bothered by it. She is a little more fussy when I put her down for a nap, or sleep, but a pacifier seems to help her a lot. We also bought some homeopathic teething tablets yesterday, but have yet to try them out. Maybe tonight.

Do you know what else I am super excited about? Diapers! That's right, diapers! Our cloth diaper trial should be arriving on Monday. I will still have to prep them before use, but once all that's done I will go ahead and post some pictures - don't worry, they'll be clean! We will be trying out 4 different types of diapers, and this should save us quite a bit of money! Oh, and we're saving the Earth too - Stef would be happy to know that :)

Alright, well my Macie-dactyl is calling, time to find some ear plugs and tend to her! Pep has been super busy at work but hopefully I'll be able to get an update on him sometime soon.
Here's a recent picture of Macie.

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Gram said...

Oh Macie, What big eyes you have!!
Oh Macie, What big teeth you have!!
Macie says, "All the better to bite you with, my dears!" Watch out!! Love, Gram