Monday, January 25, 2010

I thought trampolines were for jumping...

It has been an interesting week for the Wolfepack here in El Paso - and it's only Monday haha! I've had a productive day - I cleaned, cooked, redid the whole budget, and sent our taxes off! Doesn't sound like much, but add a little Macie to the mix, and you'll get what I mean!

Oh, and you know how El Paso is approaching the windy season yet again? Well, yesterday the hubs and I were just sitting on the couch when I see a shadowy blur, and a person run through the yard. My immediate thought is; bad person running through our yard!!! I tell Pep, and we go look. As it turns out, the "bad person" was actually a full size TRAMPOLINE flying through the yard! It decapitated our already sad, and struggling to look alive tree, so now our stick, truly is a stick! I sure am glad we weren't out there - it seems like it would hurt and quite an injury to explain to the ER.

Well, Pep (currently on the phone with AT&T) is running back and forth writing me notes on scraps of paper and holding them up for me to read, just informed me that 24 is about to start. Time to go watch Jack Bauer kick some butt! I really think he needs to retire and move to sunny California already, but then we'd just be watching one of those lame "Rich People In CA Reality TV Shows," and I don't care much for those! Enjoy the pictures!

New Year! The only picture we really got was right as we were about to leave for the airport - figures!

Macie, showing off her spoon holding skills!

We do get some really beautiful sunsets here.

Taz - the cookie monster!

This is how you get off the interstate the El Paso way!

Pep in the backyard hitting the ball for the dogs. Also note our pathetic "tree" leftovers in the background.

The Monkey Bread that we made last night! It was delicious!

The pups! Too lazy to pose!

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