Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello all!

Macie is taking her afternoon nap which gives me a few minutes to write!
We have been super busy the last few weeks. We having been attending holiday parties, decorating the house for Christmas, oh and we also drove across the country... TWICE!
Let me start by saying we will never again drive from El Paso to Virginia!!! You think the drive to Missouri was long? Try 40 hours straight in the car... with a newborn and a dog! We resembled the Griswold's a little too much haha. We had planned to stop in New Orleans, and San Antonio on the way home, but El Paso was expecting a "severe" snow storm. Well, I suppose for here it could be considered severe, but it didn't even stick on anything but the grass! (Which means it didn't stick anywhere because we don't have grass here - so I guess it stuck on the dirt!) I have some pictures of Sherlock and Clover enjoying the flurries. It was nothing compared to the snow we had at Ft. Leonard Wood!
Macie is doing well. She is sleeping through the night at 7 hour stretches at a time. She likes to wake up at 07:00, and unfortunately she doesn't yet understand the concept of "weekend" so at the crack of dawn she awakes and wants tummy time! Her cuteness makes up for it though :)
Well, I have to finish assembling a basket that our coffee group is putting together. I will post some pictures for you!

Leaving the desert! About 6 hours out.

Memphis. This was next to the Elvis statue. We tried to take a picture but it was too dark. We got to Memphis around 4am.

A pretty tree we saw on 58.

So many Christmas tree farms in Southwest VA!

O'Reilly keeping Macie company!

Macie's first meeting with Santa!


Sherlock and Clovie enjoying the cold.

Isn't she gorgeous??

Our tree. It's almost 9ft!

The Jim Shore nativity scene I got from Mom Wolfe!

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