Friday, October 30, 2009

Macie Stats!

Little Miss Macie has had quite the growth spurt! She went in for her 2 month well baby check up and first round of shots yesterday and the Doctor was very pleased.

Here are her current measurements for length and weight:

Length: 22.6 inches
Weight: 10.71 lbs

At birth she was 19.5 inches and weighed 6.81 lbs. Good job Macie!
Her ultrasound results were also good, no complications or problems with her hips!

Macie got to wear her "Baby's First Halloween" onesie today, and tonight she will wear her glow in the dark onesie. Tomorrow we are going to a Halloween party and Macie will be a daisy!

Here are some recent pictures of Macie!

Here is Macie in her Halloween onesie, so cute isn't it?!

Before the Company Halloween party, which was tonight.

Kisses for the baby!

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