Monday, October 26, 2009

Macie is here now!

And has been for a while haha! Holy moly it has been a long time since I've blogged! Macie is almost 8 weeks now and doing so well. We have had lots of family visit us over the past two months hence the lack in blogs.

We are just loving on our little girl every day and enjoying watching her grow... even though yes, I almost cried when my favorite newborn outfit of hers didn't fit anymore this morning :( :( :( On the other hand that's a good excuse to go shopping ;) This little lady is not lacking in the wardrobe department! She has been spoiled by friends and both sides of the family.

So what has changed? A lot but at the same time not - if that makes any sense! We're still doing the same things! Right now Pep is playing a video game and I'm doing this, except we have little Macie sitting in-between us! Life if absolutely wonderful and we both can't even imagine it without Macie anymore.

The zoo at 4836 Alop St has adjusted pretty well too. Instead of stealing laundry Sherlock now targets pacifiers and empty bottles! Clover has turned into a Mother Goose type figure, guarding Macie while she sleeps and giving her big wet kisses while Macie is swinging away to music in her swing (I try to prevent this but Clover is quick and her tongue is about the size of Macie's head). Taz doesn't seem to care much for the new addition to our family, although today Macie was crying and Taz looked pretty disturbed - I think he was bothered by the noise haha!

Well anyway, I don't have a whole lot to blog about - actually, I probably do, but I think the pregnancy amnesia hormone is still floating around my body so I can't remember what I wanted to blog on haha. Macie has her 2 month check up this week so I will post after that with her new length/weight/percentile stats! Wish her luck because she will be receiving a whole bunch of shots! Here are the first Macie pictures on the blog!

Macie sleeping in her pack n play. (This is the outfit I was referring to in the blog. Notice how it is too big for her in this picture, and this morning it wouldn't button up! She is growing so fast.)

The first week home.

She loves to sleep like this!

Most of you know about Macie's surgery at 4 weeks. Here is a picture of her after surgery while she was in the PICU.

Our family as we were leaving for the 2CAB Ball which happened to be on my birthday! (Homecoming at VWC used to be on the same day so I'm lucky in that I get to dress up for my birthdays!)

Isn't she sneaky looking!? (She takes after Sneakie Niekie hahaha)

Look at that BEAUTIFUL face!

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