Friday, July 10, 2009

In a tank today, on a plane tomorrow!

Well today Pep took us to his motorpool and showed us his Bradley. It was really neat to see what he works with when he's out in the field. We were allowed to get in, and they started the engine! It was SO loud and hot inside, I don't know HOW he manages to spend day after day in that thing without any AC. There is hardly any room to move around inside either, I don't think a claustrophobic person would last 2 seconds inside! It was probably at least 120 degrees... and keep in mind I was wearing shorts and a tank top, not ACUs and all that other gear they have on. Anyway, even though climbing through a Bradley (which isn't a very preggo-friendly vehicle by the way) was a challenge for an 8 month pregnant person, I am glad I got to see it for myself. It's not every day that you get to do something like this... unless of course you are the tank commander like Pep haha! I have posted some pictures for you guys to look at, you can sort of see what it looks like on the inside on some of them. Enjoy!

Me and Matt sitting inside.

There's Matt sticking out of the hatch!

Me and Pep popping out of the Bradley hatches :)

Pep in his seat.

Here I am sitting in the gunner's seat.

Me and Pep peeking through the hatch!

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PapaWolfe said...

drive it !!!!!!!! Proud of you all ! I'm soooooo,...about my grandbaby !!!!!
Love You guys ! Have a great time in Maine. be safe !