Monday, June 29, 2009

Pep's Second Post

And Leonieke said I couldn't figure this out, HA! Anyway so what've I been up to? Well work has calmed down somewhat and I've been able to co home at night the last couple of weeks. That's been really nice. Work is going ok, el paso is, well, we're trying to stay positive. We just found out Matt is coming to visit us tomorrow! Can't wait for that, and the 4th should be fun I think we're going to Balmorhea. And with vacation just around the corner it's getting exciting around here. That's not the most exciting thing going on though, the baby is just around the corner, too! We're almost done with the nursery and completed our registry at babies-r-us, and wit only a couple of months left it's starting to feel more real now. That and L has developed a small VW bug for a belly. She looks great though! Anyway I'm signing off. Have a good one. -Pep

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Anonymous said...

Leonieke and Pep, How nice to be able to see how you both are doing in Texas. I've so much enjoyed reading your stories en seeing all those pictures. Leonieke, you look really "GREAT". I am very happy you still feel good. Maybe becoming uncomfortable but that is Okay.
Can't wait to see you both in Virginia. Hugs and kisses.
Your Dad/Leen