Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Taz turned 1 year old yesterday! We got him a brand new collar and lots of hugs and treats!!! (Just like any other day... spoiled rotten!)
Let's look back on the life of Taz haha!

Clovie and Taz taking a nap together.

Getting to know each other!

Taz watching Pep pull in the drive way, coming home from work.

Taz in the dryer... he got shut in there one time by accident and tumbled with some wet clothes a few times! He still likes to climb in there though.

Taz likes to play in plastic bags!

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momwolf said...

Taz is 1!!! I can't believe it. Pictures don't lie, though. He really used to be that small! One important note here. The name sets the personality---soo be very careful in choosing names! Be sure to look the meaning of every potential name. Some meaning are evident like TAZ and PEPPY!