Monday, June 8, 2009

Coming to Virginia!

Our tickets are booked and we are scheduled to arrive the evening of July 20th. We are SO excited to come back and hang out for a while. Pep has been so busy at work, I know he is definitely ready for some r e l a x a t i o n !!! (so don't plan too much stuff for us hahaha.) Just kidding! Since this will be our last "vacation" before our family of two becomes three we are hoping to do some fun stuff like go to DC, and Colonial Williamsburg. We really want to check out the Spy Museum at the Smithsonian which was recommended to us by Singalong Stef!
And there is of course our road trip to Maine... that's going to be crazy but we're so excited to see Laura and Jason tie the knot!!! Hopefully I won't look like too much of a whale in my bridesmaid dress! We'll also be able to add the state of Maine to our list of states visited, one step closer to 50! I think we're at least halfway there... driving to Missouri alone was 6 points!
Speaking of driving, this time last year I was driving with Stef and my mom down to Georgia to see Pep graduate from OCS. This year has gone by SO fast, hasn't it? We were all so busy planning the wedding, attending showers, bacherlorette parties, food and cake tastings... and now I'm about to go into my 3rd trimester, aah!!
Alright, well The Notebook is playing on TV (one of my favorite movies) so I'm going to take this plate of cookie dough and veg out on the couch! I can't wait until Pep is home again for a few days, hopefully he'll be back on Thursday.


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momwolf said...

Hey Leonieke,
The pictures of the fur babies are so cute. Hey, your blog says you're coming on the 20th of July. Is that right? or was that an oopps? Can't wait till you get here no matter what the day is!
Love ya,