Thursday, May 28, 2009

May update!

I'm back!!
It has been forever since I've blogged, almost 4 weeks! A lot has been going on this past month and we have been very busy with the house, and other errands.
I suppose the major first update that some of you may not know about is the change in the baby's due date... looks like it is going to be September 3rd now. I'm secretly shooting for 09/09/09, wouldn't that be so cool?!

Well let's see what else has been going on...
Pep has been out of the field almost all month and will be gone for 2 more :(
We were lucky enough to fly to VA for Matt's graduation from VWC!
Pep felt the baby kick for the first time about 2 weeks ago.
We have been enjoying our new church here in El Paso.
We finally hung up curtains and some decorative bar lights in the kitchen.
I attended my first spouses coffee and will be hosting a coffee in October!
I also received my Spartan Spouses pin and magnet, and met some great people.
As soon as the changing table is assembled, I'll put up nursery pictures.
The dogs are doing well, (though this morning Sherlock ate my book and flip flop!)
It has been very hot here every day, but the pool is a short walk from our house!
We have a Brigade Ball tomorrow evening for which I had a really difficult time finding a gown, but I did and am SO excited to wear it!

There's been plenty keeping us busy! We went to the zoo this weekend and compared to the St. Louis zoo it was so disappointing. There were a couple of cool exhibits and it was nice to walk around and see some vegetation! I'll post a couple of pictures of our zoo adventure. One of my favorites is of Pep in the Prairie Dog exhibit. They had these underground tunnels that popped up into a glass dome in the actual exhibit which was neat. Unfortunately you basically had to crawl on the floor to get in, and I didn't fit! I did get some neat pictures though!

I will also post some pictures of Sherlock on his worst day yet! The sprinklers had been on for a few hours and since they're in a locked room (Balfour Beatty access only) I couldn't turn them off, and Pep with his lock picking skills was out in the field, so the sprinklers just kept going and created a giant mud pit in the backyard... which Sherlock of course enjoyed immensely! It was NOT a good day for me. (Speaking of lock picking... did I mention I locked myself out of the house 2x in three days?! I blame my preggo brain hah!) Anyway, there is a hilarious video of Pep bathing Sherlock in the pouring rain which you've just got to watch.

Alrighty, I'll leave it at that for now. Pep is on Staff duty tonight so even though he is "home" for the remainder of the week, he is at the office as of 09:00 this morning until 09:00 tomorrow morning, and then we have the ball in the evening. I'll be sure to take pictures tomorrow night and post them soon. Pep will be out in the field again next week so that will give me something to do!

Here are the new curtains we put up!

A picture of the Camino Real, a famous hotel and also where we will be for the Brigade Ball tomorrow night.

Here is a picture of a street in downtown El Paso

Pep in the Prairie Dog exhibit.

Sherlock was SO muddy!!!! I wouldn't let him come inside, but then the thunder and lightning started and he got scared, so I mopped the house about five times!

Here is the video of Sherlock and Pep's bath in the rain/hail!

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Bob and Chris said...

Great blog! thanks for sending it. We loved our trip to Italy and are glad to be back home. Can't wait to see your baby pics!
Love, Bob and Chris