Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Brigade Ball

The ball was so much fun! It was at a beautiful hotel downtown. Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy.

Sitting at our table.

Me and Pep at the ball.

Here is a picture of the Camino Real, the hotel where we had the ball at. It was beautiful!


momwolf said...

Hi guys! Wow, you two look great! Beautiful dress Leonieke. The curtains look great too and the video of Sherlock getting a bath in the rain was sooo funny! Can't wait to see the nursery!
Lots of Love,

PapaWolfe said...

What a great picture of you all at the ball. Can't wait for the baby !
I am sending you a package today !
Pep,....keep TCOB and Leonieke,.... "YOU" take it easy ( every day ) !!!!
Miss you guys,....and the pups and tazzo.
Love you all very much !