Monday, April 6, 2009

Our 1st Bliss Update

Hey everyone!

Finally some downtime to sit down and update you all. It has been a BUSY week to say the least. We got here last Friday and got our house right away - it is SO BEAUTIFUL! I will try to post a couple of pictures on here, but we don't have any good ones yet because we're still busy unpacking.

Everything has just been working out so well lately, so when our driver with our household goods called us on Friday to deliver the next day of course our phone lines were messed up and we didn't get the call! Luckily we were able to contact him and they delivered our goods last Monday.

We have spent a lot of time unpacking and running errands around post. Some of you may have already heard about our first visit to the PX. It was a shocking one! As we were walking out (we had just had Cinnabon in the food court) people were running out of the exit, screaming. (There are 2 exits, one near the food court, and one to the left of that near some kiosks.) That's never a good sign so Pep and I just decided to head straight for the car and not stick around any longer than we had to. Turns out that a man had come in with a gun, shot a woman and then shot himself...RIGHT where we just were. How scary! Both the man and the woman were killed. Anyway, I hope our next trip to the PX will be less eventful.

On a more positive note, we also had a doctor's appointment and we got to see our baby on a 3-D Ultrasound machine! We also found out the gender, which we are going to keep a secret! I will post that U/S picture here too so that you all can speculate to your heart's content... you have a 50/50 chance of being right!

Well right now we are waiting for the DirecTV Installer to get here, after that we plan on exploring a little more. We almost ended up in Juarez, Mexico trying to find a Lowe's the other night which was "right outside the gate" (thank you to my Father in Law - just a little info tidbit: Ft. Bliss has about 15 gates! hahaha!!)
There is a gondola that goes 7000 ft up into the mountains from which we can see New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. We plan on checking that out later this week, as well as White Sands Memorial which is a sand dunes park. The dunes get as high as 70 ft. and you can rent sandboards to slide down them, exciting!

Alright, time to unpack a little more and get this place looking decent!

Here is the front of the house. We have a red front door. I'm going to take another picture that isn't so close up so I can get the whole house in one shot! I took this from the car :)

The other half of the front of the house! It's so strange not to have grass in the front yard, but luckily for Clover and Sherlock we have quite a lot of grass in the backyard. There are palmtrees everywhere around Bliss and El Paso which just makes me so happy!! (If only there were a beach here too!!)

Here is the side of the house. Nothing too interesting but we sure are excited to have 2 garages!!

Here is a picture of the back of our house. There is a wooden lattice structure on our patio which really pretty. We are right at the end of the street so we don't have any people living directly behind us. We have a playground there instead, which will be great once we can take baby there!

A pretty picture of the sun setting over the mountains. I took this when we were coming back from the mall.

Not a great picture, but if you look closely you can see the lights of El Paso and Juarez, Mexico in the distance.

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