Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adventure to Springfield...

Hey guys!

Well last weekend Pep and I ventured to Springfield. We have gotten a little more used to the idea of having to drive 80 miles to the closest mall, so we figured why not? We didn't really have anything to do so we decided to go.
There was snow in the forecast, but it was supposed to die down at around 11ish. We left right around then thinking that the roads had probably been salted and were okay for driving.
Mmmmmh... not really. We got on 44 and this is what it looked like:

Not so good! But, it did get a little better. About 20 minutes later down I-44 the road was pretty clean. Unfortunately we saw 3 tractor trailer accidents on the way there. Here's a picture of the miles and miles of traffic going the opposite way. At this point we realized that there would be no point in turning around because we'd just be sitting in traffic... so we keep driving for Springfield!

We finally arrived in Springfield and went to the mall and Barnes & Noble. Turning into the street that B&N is on we almost hit a police vehicle! It was SO scary. Making a right turn we hit a large patch of ice and skidded through the entire turn. The other car was parked in the middle of the street helping out another vehicle, and Pep and I both thought we were going to crash straight into this car. But Pep saved the day and steered us away! Later, when we left, another car hadn't been so lucky and hit the police car. Unfortunate for them, but I'm really glad it wasn't us! It was so close! (I didn't get this moment on camera because I was frozen in my seat.)

So we headed home, and the roads were a nightmare. Apparently the snow ploughs and salting trucks didn't make know, a major East to West interstate, a priority! So we got to sit in traffic the last 10 miles before our Ft. Leonard Wood exit. Let me mention how while we're sitting on the ice road interstate surrounded by big trucks, off to our left they have about 12 snow plough vehicles clearing the Waynesville High School parking lot!

We arrived at the gate, actually happy to see Ft. Leonard Wood, (the last time we felt this way was after driving 22 hours with a Uhaul!) to find that road conditions were red. This basically means don't drive anywhere, and had it been a work day, Pep would have had the day off. Also, we thought it was pretty crazy that the road to MANSCEN had been cleared and was perfectly clean, while across the street the road that leads to the ER was covered in snow!

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday! Not just any Friday, but it's March 6th, the day that Stef flies in and we also have the EBOLC Dining Out...aka "YES I get to wear a pretty dress!" (This is the real reason why I like Pep being in the Army haha.)

Oh and anything I've written down below about our plans for the move to El Paso can be ignored. TriCare and the Army Doctors have messed all that up (I told you it would change again!) so I'll be staying here by my lonesome in wonderful Ft. Leonard Wood.
At least I'll get to work another month and earn some moolah... which will be much needed with us having to pay for the move ourselves. Speaking of, I have to head back to the Transpo. Office because my power of attorney isn't on file. Don't get me started...
Leonieke, signing off!

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The Van Zandts said...

I am so glad you guys are safe!! I cannot wait for tomorrow night -- pretty dresses are so fun! :) Can't wait to meet your sister, either!