Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just want a magazine please!

I think I'm losing my mind!

I subbed today (day 1 of a 2 day job) and it went pretty well, the teacher left a lot of work so I was bored all day! Which is why I decided to go to the commissary on my way home so I could pick up a magazine to read tomorrow... except I forgot to stop there until I pulled into the drive way. Ok, so I go in the house, say Hi to Pep who is working out on the elliptical, and leave for the commissary after getting changed. I needed to get something for dinner anyway.

So I go to the commissary (to get a magazine to read tomorrow), get all my groceries and of course come home and had forgotten the magazine! So I go in the house, unload a few groceries, and noticed I had left the pork chops at the commissary... aaah!!!

So now I HAVE to go back anyway to get my missing item, and figured I'd pick up a magazine this time.

So I go to the commissary...again...get my home...unload...

and just realized



What a day.
Oh and I feel so bad about something I did today. A student came up to me asking for help on fractions (I hate fractions) so I ask the class who wants to help her solve this sum. A couple of people raise their hands so I say "Ok the boy in the blue shirt, you come help her."
Then everybody laughs and says
"That's not a boy, that's a girl!!!!!!" And they laugh some more
I felt SO BAD!!!!! But in my defense, "she" really looked like a "he." :(

Here are some pictures from yesterday, it was 72 degrees out when Pep and I got off work so we took the dogs to the baseball fields down the street to play. Enjoy :)

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The Van Zandts said...

woo hoo for pictures! The same thing happened to me with the he/she situation; I felt HORRIBLE, but my she really looked like a he, too. Just don't do it tomorrow and I think you'll be okay! Happy (almost) Friday!