Friday, February 6, 2009

baby picture!

Alright... I'm taking a break from doing moving-related stuff. I don't think I can stand to talk to any more rude people today! Especially when they don't even know what they are talking about!!!!

Here is my progress today;
We have decided that we're going to rent an apartment until housing becomes available. I just don't think we should risk renting a house for a year. What if all of a sudden housing opens up and we're only 4 months into a 1 year lease? Then we'd lose our spot on the wait list and be stuck in what we considered temporary to begin with. Pfffft!
Also, we're going to keep all of our stuff in storage with the exception of essentials. We are allowed to store our household goods for up 180 days (although I won't be surprised if we need more time than that). Most of our furniture will just stay in storage, but we'll pull out the couches, tv, and queen bed and maybe a couple of other things. EVERYTHING else will be stored until the movers can deliver it to our on-post house. I'm really thinking that September will be the earliest, which means the baby's first house will be an apartment! But that's ok.
Not knowing where we going to live and how was just driving me crazy, I feel better now that we've made a decision!

Speaking of baby, here is the ultrasound picture for you guys; I added an arrow to point out the baby since it's kind of hard to see. If you click on the picture it will show up much bigger in a new window.


PapaWolfe said...

I am SO,.... VERY HAPPY and PROUD of my new Grandbaby !! Love You all VERY MUCH !!!
Dad Wolfe
O.K. by me for Pep to drive our Jeep this weekend !

UncleMatthew said...

I am so happy for yall and the baby God has blessed us with. The baby will be the next generation of WOLFES. Wish ya'll the best, I love you and am always here if you need me. Thanks for sharing with us.

momwolf said...

What a miracle!! Yep, you're right. I can't see Poppet's teeth forming from this shot. Hope you're feeling better soon, Mommy. And Daddy, it's never too early to start reading baby bedtime stories! Love all three of you, Grandma Phyl