Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So early!

YAYYY It's 6:15 AM... and I've already cleaned up dog poop twice INSIDE the house!!! IT SUCKS!!!!! I've also vacuumed the entire living room, thanks to Taz who climbed into, and then destroyed my beautiful Poinsetta, dropping leaves and soil to the floor, which Bailey then helped disperse over the house. :)
Well Pep left at like 05:45 and then came back a few minutes ago and now doesn't have to be back until 08:00 weee! So I am going to take a nap with him now. I have to go to Lebanon later today (about 1hr away) to get some fingerprinting done so that I can complete my substitute teaching application.
Oh and I went to a spouses meeting yesterday and was told by Pep's "boss" that we haven't even touched cold here yet... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I really don't enjoy running after Bailey for 20 minutes in snow and ice conditions wearing only pajamas and slippers! But she also told me that we're going to have a couple of social mixers and events where we'll get to dress up! Wooo, I am going to wear my green OCS Formal dress again!
Anyway, I might write some more later, I'm kinda getting into this blogging thing haha! (Maybe it's because we're at Ft. Leonard Wood and there's no one to talk to haha.)
Ok, love you all,

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