Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Water Heater, Coffee Pot

So we finally have a new water heater and showers are actually bearable. The maintenance here is very fast. We also got a new (really cheap) coffee pot from wal-mart. It's made by black and decker, so my screwdriver and my coffee maker come from the same company. I have yet to determine whether or not it doubles as a cordless drill but i'm pretty sure it does. In all seriousness though it does have the auto wake up so it was nice to wake up to the smell of coffee today. We didn't go to church as Leonieke has a headache and I wanted a little rest because I have to get up at 0330 tommorrow morning, we're going to do a bible study though.

Leonieke keeps looking at the new houses we'll be in eventually in el paso (knock on wood) and they are really nice. It'll be nice to have a garage. Shoot it will be nice to not have to turn the car on 30 minutes before you leave just to get the ice off the windshield. And I looked at ski "resorts" in missouri, thinking there should be some good ones as we're in the mountains and it's cold as hell all the time, right? Well, I use the word resorts loosely because the biggest one has seven, that's right, not seven-teen, not seven-ty, SEVEN runs. So that should be fun for about 45 minutes if we ever go.

So classes were pretty basic this week, we haven't even started on our core curriculum yet just a bunch of admin notes and inbriefs. We start up on bridging this week so it should be a good time, i'll let you know!


momwolf said...

Funny, funny! According to our curriculum, you are not in the mountains. You are in the Interior Lowlands--described as rolling flatlands with many rivers and broad river valleys. It doesn't say anything about ski resorts!
Love ya MOM

PapaWolfe said...

Hope the ski resort / slopes you get is as big as the one I was "stupid enough" to follow you and Matthew down in New York
( when you were at West Point ) AND,... YOU get stuck neck deep in a snow yard sale like I did.

Stefanie said...

write something new!