Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First post!!

Hey everyone!
Here is our first blog. I'm waiting on Pep to come home for lunch and I've already cleaned the house, taken the pup out 4x and done all my errands...and it's only 10:20! Haha. So I got bored and decided to make this blog so that everyone could read it and keep up with our "busy" life here in Missouri! Oh and we've renamed the puppy to Bailey now! Ok, I'm gonna try and get Pep to post something later today!
Love, Leonieke
P.S. There was an explosion somewhere on post just now (3rd one this morning) and it made a huge sheet of ice slide off the roof and land right next to my window... it scared the heck out of me!!! And as I'm typing it happens again!! Ok, bye for now!

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PapaWolfe said...

If you get too bored,....practice your Canasta, as I will be destroying your record when we come for Christmas. To stay warm,...and get some exercise,... let Taz and Bailey outside at the same time each morning.
Love You Guys !