Friday, December 5, 2008

cold shower!

Weeeeee another early morning!
Pep had to wake up at 4am to go to PT. Why so early, I don't know. All I know is that it's TOO early! Anyway, he came home and then made me get up (ugggh) and we had breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, yesterday was interesting. Pep was running late, and I hadn't looked at the time, so I made him eggs and told him breakfast was ready to which he said he had no time to eat. WHAT? But I just made you eggs! :( Ok so while Pep is getting ready I am running after him with the eggs and spoon, blowing on them and shoving a spoonful in his mouth whenever he stops for a second. It was funny.

Anyway, today I was up early because they were coming to replace our water heater. The maintenance staff here on post is great! They usually get here within a few hours - so much better than my old apartment complex where I was told I needed a Drs. note for them to fix my heat on a Saturday (in January!!). But anyway, the last few days my showers have been no longer than 2 minutes - it was cold like right after you turned the water on. Brrrrrr, and with it being 15 degrees outside this was NO fun! Is it time to leave Ft. Leonard Wood yet????????? Haha I can't wait to go to the desert!

Well now I'm waiting on Pep to come home for lunch. Maybe after lunch the hot water heater will be ready to provide me with a HOT shower!
Well I'm going to put the lasagna in the oven. I have to go get Pep's rank sewn on his patrol cap and helmet cover later today so maybe if I feel like it I will write some more later... if not I'll bug Pep to write a little. That way he can tell you guys something about his classes etc.
Ok byeeee!

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momwolf said...

Hi! This is Phyl. I don't know what I'm doing so I'll try it and see. First, please don't get him used to you feeding him too! And, I'm sure glad you got the hot water fixed. That's a really fast way to warm up! And, I remember how nice it was when I was there and am looking forward to it being nice when I come back!
Love ya